From 16 to 20 July 2023, RISEBA University of Applied Sciences in Riga, Latvia, hosted a riveting Management Meeting under the umbrella of the CONNECT project. This event provided a profound learning curve for all our partners, launching into interactive dialogues, engaging activities, and purposeful planning related to crucial project packages

  • WP4 – Implementation of new non-formal approach and joint use of cocreative space (Present data regarding last edition (CIP) (2 min per 1 EaCP HEI), Discuss draft of the regulation about Competition prepared by P4, Agree on the date for the last event (act. 4.7));
  • WP5 – Dissemination and Sustainability (Shifting Perspectives: Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Marketing Strategy, Power of Digital Marketing Strategies, Marketing Strategies for Higher Education Institutions, PowerPoint workshop, Engaging Audiences: Harnessing the Power of Digital Presentation Tools, Present with Impact: Mastering Tips and Tricks for Dynamic Presentations EaCP present their sustainability plans);
  • WP6 – Quality control and monitoring (Discuss assessment results data from P4);
  • WP7 – Project Management (Discuss management aspects).

🖥️ A key highlight was the deep-dive into digital marketing strategies, illuminating its immense power to reach, engage, and convert audiences in today’s digitized world. The role of digital marketing in shaping the future of online education was emphasized, sparking intriguing discussions and thought-provoking ideas.
📈 Furthermore, we explored the importance of audience engagement in online learning platforms. The internet is not just a repository of information but a vital medium for interaction, participation, and personalized learning experiences. We discussed effective strategies to enhance student involvement and retention, leveraging the power of digital tools.
🛠️ The potential of digital tools was further showcased as we discussed its effective utilization. From harnessing the capabilities of learning management systems to incorporating AI in pedagogy – the digital landscape offers a vast expanse of tools ready to revolutionize how we impart and consume education.
🔗 Our meeting was not just about connecting people or organizations; it was about creating bridges of understanding and knowledge that cross borders and cultures. It’s about unlocking the potential within each participant to enhance the collective wisdom of the consortium.
As we navigate this digital era, events like the CONNECT Management Meeting play a vital role in bridging the gap between conventional methods and the unfolding digital education paradigm. Let’s continue to harness the power of connection, collaboration, and digital innovation for a brighter, more informed future.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our journey through the CONNECT Project! 🚀

We extend our thanks to the host institution and project coordinator for organizing this meeting and all our partners for their active participation and valuable contributions. Together, we are making a difference and transforming education through connectivity.

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