• WP1 Preparation

1.1 Elaboration of Project Management Plan

1.2 Organisation of launch meeting in Moldova, and forward plan future meetings

1.3 Elaboration of terms of reference for Advisory Group and External Evaluator

  • WP2 Creation of the theoretical-practical support (WP Development)

2.1 Elaboration of integrated report of findings

2.2 Organisation of courses on hard and soft skills for staff

2.3 Creation of courses

  • WP3 Development and improvement of framework conditions (WP Development)

3.1 Arrangement of physical spaces

3.2 Procurement & installation of equipment

3.3 Creation of MOOC

  • WP4 Implementation of new non-formal approach and joint use of co-creative spaces (WP Development)

4.1 Implementation of courses on acceleration programme

4.2 Implementation of courses on digital skills

4.3 Implementation of courses on theatre and dance

4.4 Embedment of new approaches in the curriculum of HEIs

4.5 Interconnection of university-enterprise systems through joint activities

4.6 Organisation of Competition

4.7 Final Conference

  • WP5 Dissemination 

5.1 Elaboration of dissemination and exploitation plan

5.2 Organisation of University Management Breakfast networking events

5.3 Development and maintenance of web site

5.4 Development and publication of testimonials and marketing materials

5.5 Creation of Inter-university delivery Network

5.6 Organisation of train the trainers’ sessions for non-project partners HEIs in EaCP

5.7 Signing of collaboration agreements among partner institutions and companies

5.8 Elaboration of presentations and publications

  • WP6 Quality control and monitoring 

6.1 Establishment of quality control system

6.2 Control and monitoring of processes and results

  • WP7 Project Management 

7.1 Organisation of project management meetings

7.2 Development of project management procedures

Workplan General Overview

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