WP nr. WP Title WP leader WP Activties/Tasks
1. PREPARATION MSU (Moldova State University)

1a – Develop Project Management Plan to include management structures, processes and guidance, including Partnership Agreement and risk register

1b – Prepare and hold launch meeting in Moldova and forward plan future meetings

1c – Establish terms of reference for Advisory Group members and External Evaluator

1d – Review and agree workplan, structures and budget allocation

Time: 01-02-2021 to 30-04-2021

(Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography)

2a – Coordinate work package activity and partners

2b – Design and organise study-visits visits at each EU partner

2c – Create integrated report of comparisons and findings findings (

2d – Organise and deliver staff training workshops on the hard and soft skills

2e – Design and deliver structure for course supports and evaluation tools within competitive intelligences programme for students: acceleration, digital, arts

2f- Elaborate content and materials for course supports: acceleration, digital, arts

2g- Elaborate knowledge and skills 2 assessment tools (1 for students and 1 teachers with different background and level of knowledge)

2h- Organise evaluation staff training workshops

2i-Draft MOOC Supporting Documentation files: content, methodologies and pedagogies etc.

Time: 01-03-2021 to 31-03-2022

3. DEVELOPMENT RISERBA (University of Applied Sciences)

3a – Coordinate work package activity and partners hubs

3b – Assess and confirm equipment requirements at each partner for multi-disciplinary hubs

3c – Identify and arrange spaces for multi-disciplinary hubs

3d – Tendering, procurement and installation of equipment for multi-disciplinary hubs

3e – Create video recorded lectures within Competitive intelligences programme, presentations and interviews, and quizzes for MOOC hubs Create

3f –Create and deliver individual institutional roadmaps on MOOC lectures and face-to-face trainings hubs

3g – Obtain approval on quality of MOOC materials from Project Expert Board and Advisory Group

Time: 15-01-2021 to 31-03-2022

4. DEVELOPMENT ISU (Ilia State University)

4a – Coordinate work package activity and partners

4b – Obtain approval from Decision Making Bodies by all EaCP HEIs on the course supports

4c- Curricular development/inclusion of content in the teaching process/curricula

4d – Translation in national languages of course supports 4e– Deliver CIP via MOOC and face-to-face training in Moldova, Armenia and Georgia

4f – Develop joint open innovation projects

4g – Organize internships

4h– Elaborate action plan on possibilities to improve connection between universities and enterprises

Time: 15-01-2021 to 31-12-2023


5a – Coordinate work package activity and partners

5b – Create dissemination and exploitation plan

5c – Create a project web site

5d – Produce and communicate testimonial/marketing materials /press releases

5e – Hold a dissemination breakfast University Management Breakfast networking events for non-partner universities

5f – Establish cross-university network of staff

5g – Deliver two train the trainer seminars to non-project partner HEIs in EaCP (

5h- Signe collaboration agreements among partner institutions and companies

Time: 15-01-2021 to 31-12-2023

6. QUALITY CONTROL Antropology Management

6a – Coordinate work package activity and partners

6b – Appoint strategic bodies’ members and External Evaluator

6c – Hold 4 virtual meetings of the Steering Committee and generate reports

6d – Liaise with External Evaluator to produce periodic evaluation reports

Time: 15-01-2021 to 14-01-2024

7. MANAGEMENT MSU (Moldova State University)

7a – Coordinate and monitor project activity

7b – Setup and hold project meetings

7c – Setup project administration processes and files required for project coordination

7d – Setup internal communication systems (using Trello or other software tool)

7e – Liaise with managing authority and report to deadlines, including project closure

Time: 15-01-2021 to 15-01-2024