– Project Management handbook;

– Quality Assurance and dissemination handbooks;

– Organised Management Procedures and Meetings;

– Integrated report of findings for all 9 EaPC HEIs (4 types of questionnaires (academic staff, companies, future start ups and incorporated companies; self-evaluation of the EaCP HEIs via and experience collected during the study-visits to EU partners);

– 9 concepts with improvements of existing outdated operating regulations of hubs at EaPC HEIs or created new Smart Caffe at the premises of consortium partners from EaCp;

– 9 sets of installed equipment;

– Developed 4 new support courses by EU partners in English;

– Provided staff training workshops to at least 250 university trainers;

 – Improved skills of 250 teachers;

– 4 new course supports on acceleration, art, digital skills by EaCP translated in Russian;

– MOOCs (3 programmes by each EaCP HEIs in national languages) on competitive intelligence programme (course supports and recorded videos) created by trained EaCP HEIs teaching staff;

– Implemented the CIP covering course 1.part 1, course 2, 3, 4 for 540 registered learners from 9 EaCP HEIs and at least 135 online learners from 9 EaCP HEIs registered for CIP covering course 1.part 2, course 2, 3, 4;

– 162 practical performance activities (ppa) (18ppa per HEIs)  with students done by trained teacher;

– Enrolled in CIP 27 students will develop open innovations with companies;

– 18 best students benefited from internships;

– Embedded new approaches in the curricular of HEIs ( at least 27 (3 per partner) programmes in which students do not automatically come into contact with entrepreneurial studies will be revised and adapted to include it);

– Dissemination and collaboration events organized;

– 100 students participated in all 3 National Bootcamps;

– 18 students benefited from mobility to Pitch competition in Bulgaria;

– 9 action plans of collaboration to improve collaboration and communication between HEIs-industry;

– Report on the competition;

– Report on the final event/Conference;

– Completed dissemination to at least additional 36 HEIs;

– Evaluation reports.